Best Auto car insurance -3 hacks

Best Auto car insurance companies

Car insurances usually do not receive a lot of attention from car owners in India, and one can easily be misled into choosing the insurance with the lowest of premiums, just to clear the road traffic norms. But on the contrary, car insurance is perhaps as important as buying the car itself. There are several factors one must consider before purchasing an insurance cover for your car, and some of them are:

Does it offer comprehensive cover?

A comprehensive motor insurance cover provides insurance to you and your vehicle in case of an accident and thus is absolutely necessary for terms of getting protection. Comprehensive insurance also covers other damages such as accidental fire, theft, etc. The premium prices for comprehensive car insurances are higher than third party premiums but are worth the investment in case of damages to your vehicle.

Does it suit your need?

Getting an insurance plan that suits your needs in terms of coverage is necessary. You should assess the usage of your vehicle, if the usage is extensive, you should buy a comprehensive cover that covers damage to the vehicle and mandatory third party liability.

Best Auto car insurance -3 hacks

Important Things to Keep in Mind While Renewing vehicle Insurance policy

the scope of cover provided by a comprehensive car insurance policy. Some of the must-have add-ons are:

  1. Zero Depreciation
  2. Return to Invoice
  3. Engine Protection
  4. Roadside Assistance
  5. No Claim Bonus
  6. Loss of Personal Belongings
  • No Claim Bonus: You are eligible for an NCB in case you do not make a claim for a particular year. NCB is an incremental benefit, it can go up to 50% over a period of five consecutive years. Ensure that your policy has NCB facility. Also, NCB is transferable even if you switch your insurance company.
  • Insured Declared Value: IDV is the current market value of your car’s price. IDV is the maximum amount you will receive from your insurance company in case your vehicle is completely destroyed or stolen. IDV is the most important factor which determines the premium of your policy. It is important to get a car insurance policy with the right IDV.
  • Discount: You are eligible for a discount on car insurance premium if you have installed an anti-theft device inside your car. Insurers offer a discount as long as the anti-theft device is certified by the Automotive Research Association of India.
  • Voluntary Deductible: Opting for a voluntary deductible at the time of policy renewal will lower your premium. A deductible is a minimum amount you are required to pay in case of a claim. There is a voluntary and mandatory deductible. You can select the amount for the voluntary deduction.
  • Cashless Facility: Ensure that your insurer has a wide network of cashless garages across India, especially around your place of residence. The cost of repairs can be expensive, so it is advisable to visit a cashless garage.



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Best Auto car insurance companies

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